"Why you go away"

"Why you go away" The last Time,was hard without you. But I already come. That you know. I had ever try,forget to you. But I can't this. Is that your Grudge? Is that fair? Where you are? Refrain: Why,you go away? What is with me? Can you hear me,can you see me? Who are you? I'm waiting for you. That's exactly true! Why you go away? I talk to you,a small time. And I smile,when you're smile,too. Why is that over? I can't help myself. I have a broken heart. But you can't see me. Then you're a timidly boy. Who are you? Refrain: Why,you go away?... We are miss each other. All the time. You are be in love,...and that's the Reason? The Reason that I lost you? I longing for you. Can you hear me? That you smile,and holt your hand. why? Refrain: Why you go away?... I miss you. I miss you so bad. Why you go away?Stay by me,stay by me,please. Why you go away?

6.8.11 13:22

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