"I said"

"I said" I think you're right...I'm crazy! I think you were right,to say...that I'm strange! I totally agree with you...I'm unique...unique! I hardly know,what do think...about you, Boy. When you shout at me (yeah) I expect so,that are be square. (Right?) Refrain: I said...you're annoying me! I said you're driving me! I said you're pain in the neck! I said you're bugging me! I said ooooooh Boy,go away,I said oooooh Boy,get lost! I said,oooh Boy piss off!I said Boy go away! You talk nonsence. I'm friendly,and friendly to you. (But,that's not exacly true) Refrain: I said... I hate that you be irasible and when you exite. It might be better,to wait and see,what make you about me. Let me explain. I hate you ever and I can't stand you. But i haven't the faintest idea, what can I said you... Refrain: I said... You want me help,no I'm afraid you can't. Lucky together? (No!) I don't think so,you bare...the Bigest shit in my Life. The point is,i don't like you. And I'm very happy with it. Please don't shout! I hate you too! We can ignore us. Yes i did love to. I said Boy go away you!

6.8.11 13:47

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